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Brandon Chase
Age: 26
Brandon was a nobody, a street thug in a organized crime sect on earth. Before the ships launched from Sydney priorities had to be made. Some individuals who given express access to get on the vessels whereas nobodies like Chase and his gang had to go through a painstaking surveying process meant to give rise to the disease and avoid infecting the people already onboard. Brandon watched as almost everyone he knew wither and die as the disease ripped through the refugee camps below the ships. He began looking for a way to bypass the stringent testing and eventually he found one. He found an individual with priority who only had to take the screening for the disease, nothing more. In desperation he did what had become second nature to him in the streets, he killed the man and assumed his identity. Brandon spent most of the journey in Cryostasis, but eventually was awoken as his true identity was discovered. He was imprisoned, beaten, tortured, and left for dead in the cell blocks.

Elijah St. John
Age: 19
Elijah was a young child when he was on earth and barely has any memories of what happened there.  He has mostly been awake throughout the entire mission, letting him age where others have not.  He was recruited at age sixteen as a part of the military force of the transport ship Echo, his company's namesake. He was training under Commander Michael Reese, where the young man thrived and rose through the ranks easily.  

Jayce Walker

Crow Axon
Age: 58

Elle (Eleshkah) Axon
Age: 20

Aiden (Shakote) Axon

Storm Lawson

Ridge Matheson

Hayley Darrack

Laurel Blackwood

Kara Vincent

Hollan Basch

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