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Vaclav Havel

Post by BASE_SEVEN on Fri Dec 09, 2016 4:59 pm

Vaclav was born in the Czech Republic where he pursued an engineering degree, hoping to cash in on the countries growing gunsmithing industry. After graduating however, he instead found work as a mining foreman in central Canada. He was trained as a demolition specialist as part of last ditch efforts to extract what little coal remained in Canadian mines. As conditions on earth began to deteriorate, the mines would become a common target for mercenaries and bandits hoping to make a quick buck by hijacking railcars. With the raids preventing access to supplies, weapons and the people to use them were in short order, explosives however were not. Workers rapidly began to arm themselves with IEDs and improvised firearms cobbled together from scrap metal. Nearly everyone working on the mines learned to shoot to some degree of accuracy, and how to treat bullet wounds.

Fluent in Czech, English, and basic French, Vaclav is calm under pressure and is often blunt while speaking. He has a tendency to speak his opinion, even when it isn't asked for, but likes to hear everyone's opinion when making a decision, even if it rarely affects his choice. He has mild agoraphobia from his time in the mines, and the danger that open spaces posed in a combat zone. His engineering degree and demolition training have given him the knowledge of exactly how to destroy something as safely or as catastrophically as possible. His time spent in what essentially amounted to a warzone meant he learned how to improvise, service and operate conventional gunpowder firearms, preform basic first aid on gunshot victims, and enough basic electronics to wire a cellphone to an artillery shell.

Shortly before the mine was overrun, Vaclav and several other miners managed a daring escape in an armored pickup before each heading their own way. Less than a year later Vaclav would step off the boat in Australia having been sought out by the Khrysis project for his knowledge of geology, a necessity when determining a good location for a colony.


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