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Strike's Characters

Post by Strike on Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:05 pm

Tara Kennedy, RN

A young single mother trying to struggle her way through day-to-day life working as a nurse. Her daughter Taylor is two years old, and her son Cabot is seven years old.

Doctor Atticus Morgan, PhD

A renowned toxicologist whose fields of specialty include venom, herpetology, neurobiology, and behaviorism.

Doctor Lien Nguyen, MD

An unassuming family physician with a wicked sense of humor. She is a first-generation American whose family was originally from Vietnam. She is hard-working and dedicated, but often very quiet. She handles many of the day-to-day medical concerns on the ship despite her past experience in surgery and more advanced medical practice simply because she enjoys spending time with her patients.

Camilla Garcia

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She grew up working in her father's auto body-shop, later getting her education in mechanical engineering which was funded through her affiliation with a drug cartel. She rose through the ranks, making enough money to keep herself and her family back in Brazil comfortable. She tried to get out of the game to run a legit career as an engineer, but found that she was too deep in to ever completely turn her back on the cartel. She traveled the world, taking various jobs and high-profile engineering contracts, but was always drawn back to the criminal underworld for its excitement and unlimited potential of success. Several years before the outbreak, Garcia landed a job on Novalyse's crew and alternated her time between South America and Australia. Her lavish lifestyle led her towards a tragic crescendo where she overdosed and nearly killed herself, resulting in her nearly losing her position on the Khrysis Project. They settled for a severe demotion, knocking her down several rungs on her career ladder and putting her in league with engineers much less advanced than herself. Now, the brilliant but troubled girl is begrudgingly stuck on maintenance duty for some of the same systems that she designed in the first place.

Miazake Kyoda

In the criminal underbelly of Japan, a small Yakuza faction discovered a new niche: black market cybernetics. Highly illegal, severely dangerous, and wickedly profitable. Miazake Kyoda was the only daughter of the faction's right-hand man, and when a mysterious hit left many of the ranking members dead or in hiding across the world, Kyoda cashed in as much of the family fortune as she could, had many of their 'loose ends' wrapped up, and left for Australia with her two bodyguards and lifelong companions. Her history followed her, and she became renowned as one of the premiere intellects in the field of cybernetics - not because she ever designed or implemented them, but because she became so intimately familiar with the process from start to finish.

Joshua Washington

A therapist, counselor, and chemical dependency specialist who volunteered to work among the psychiatric, medical, and counseling wards of the Khrysis Project. He is well-liked by many of the ship's crew and passengers, as he is a ready friend to all. He is open-minded, non-judgmental, and carries a high positive regard for people despite their past or weaknesses. Joshua was in grad school working on his PhD when he was called away to serve on the Project. He lost his wife and daughter in the outbreak on Earth.


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