A New Life

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A New Life

Post by Strike on Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:45 pm

"Kennedy!" The supervisor shrieked over the klaxon of the hospital's emergency sirens and the wailing of patients. "Get your ass back in there, and get back to work!"

"I need to go home, goddamnit! My kids are out there in this!" Her voice was shaky and muffled through a respirator. She was juggling her cell phone and her key card as she fumbled at the back door. Through the phone's speaker, a little boy's sobbing voice was cut in and out by violent static.

"KENNEDY!" The supervisor boomed back, but it was in vain. He watched the nurse finally swipe the card and shove her way out the door. "We need you! People are dying! Go and do your job - "

"I am doing my job!" The door slammed behind her and she sprinted towards the parking lot. "I'm coming, baby," she panted into the phone as she ran. "You know the special masks we put in your room? Go put them on, okay? You need to go put them on now!" It was havoc outside - people were rioting in the streets near the hospital, trying to get in even to get the most basic care. Half of them were sick beyond any hope of recovery. Some of them had slouched over lifelessly, either dead or too weak to get any further. She had to dodge corpses on the sidewalk to make it within sight of her car, and some of the more aggressive rioters singled her out in her scrubs. She heard them shouting at her, begging for help or screaming profanities, tugging dying family members towards her and pleading for her to save them. Her hand dipped into her pocket and tightly gripped her mace. She saw the familiar color of her car in the distance, several rows down, and veered towards it as fast as she could.

An old man, obviously stricken with the horrible disease, ran towards her. His face showed an ungodly color that indicated that he was infected, and he was nearly in a state of psychosis. "Save me! Save my life! You're a nurse! Goddamnit, help me! We're dying out here! You're killing us!" It's the apocalypse! God will strike us all down!" Unlike the others, he didn't stop running as she tried to ignore his helpless pleas. "Save me! Save me!" He came at her with a wild, hopeless fury in his eyes. Fear shot through her. She could be killed, right here. This man could stop her from getting home to her babies, attack her, infect her with that terrible disease, and then no one could save her kids. She thought of them cowering in fear at home, terrified. She needed to get to them, and that was all. She hesitated, trying to dodge out of his way but finding her route blocked. She drew her mace and begged for him to leave her alone, please stop, please let me go home, but to no avail. "SAVE ME! SAVE ME!" He came closer, and she screamed. Mercilessly, she sprayed him dead in the face, sending him backwards shrieking in pain. "YOU BITCH! You're killing us! You're killing us!" He staggered and she shot off, careful not to get close enough to let him touch her.

She sprinted and didn't look back, couldn't even think until she reached the car, locked herself in, and sped through the partially blockaded streets to get home to her apartment. Her cell phone was dead now. The radio blared emergency alerts. Panic had set in upon the city, and even driving that short distance was nerve-wracking and dangerous. Police and EMS personnel were entirely overwhelmed and vehicles had been abandoned on the street. People were dying left and right, faster than anything she had ever seen before, and it seemed as if all hell had rained down across the world. By the time she made it home, she swerved her car onto the side of the road and got out, barely taking time to check that her respirator was secured before sprinting into the apartment complex. She found her door - locked, just like she had told them - and struggled inside. She shut the door hard behind her. The babysitter was dead in the middle of the living room floor, face-down. Oh, God. She was too late. Her babies...

"I'm home! Cabot! Taylor!! It's Mommy!" There was silence for a moment. "It's Mommy! Come out! Oh, God! Are you okay?! Please..." Then, the anxious pitter-patter of little feet coming down the hallway sent tears of relief welling into her eyes. "Keep your masks on, it's going to be okay, you need to come with Mommy, okay? Come on, we need to go!"


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