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Elthaine's Characters

Post by Elthaine on Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:33 pm

This band of unlikely allies formed in the wake of the illness spreading the land. The group consists of four escaped convicts, four government workers, and a service robot. In the crumbling world, they found each others skills to be beneficial and decided that they were all stronger as a group.

Government Workers

Ami Kono
Age 24
A military sharpshooter, relatively new recruit. Excellent with accuracy weapons. She was dispatched to Australia to help suppress the riots.  

Jericho Stone
Age 26
A ground troop who volunteered to be a part of the Khrysis project. Skilled at many types of combat, Jericho is driven and determined with lots of endurance. The events on Earth and the crashing onto Novalyse has left his confidence a bit shaken.

Leo Hughes
Age 44
A loyal Australian engineer that had an unfortunate accident a few years back. He was working on a turbine for a new plane and his hand was caught in the machine. It ripped his arm clean off from the shoulder. Fortunately he was signed up for an experimental limb replacement program which built him a a new arm. While far from perfect, the limb appears to be capable of a lot of basic motor skills. His body does not seem to have rejected the implant, though the experiment has not been observed long term.

Orion Whitman
Age 35
Orion doesn't like to talk about his past. This may have to do with the fact that he has been a bodyguard for a variety of secret services. Orion likes to get shit done, by whatever means necessary. He's not one for failure.


Gregor Ledochowski
Age 40
Gregor lived a life of organized crime. He was the leader of a local gang in Russia. During a heist he was shot in the head and eye. He was admitted to a hospital where they attempted to implant cyberware to the wound and replace his eye. Unfortunately this proved to be his downfall. The hospital records identified him and he was arrested after treatment. Even worse, his body has been steadily rejecting these cybernetics causing scaring and lots of pain. Gregor's main cyberware is merely a stabilizer for brain activity, sometimes the hardware malfunctions and causes lapses in reasoning or understanding. He is prone to angry outbursts. His eye functions normally, but it can store a certain about of data in pictures.

Hector Kuznetov
Age 22
A member of the Russian gang with Gregor. He was apprehended shortly after Gregor when their hideout was stormed.

Brook Novitsky
Age 24
A polish criminal who was known for her hit and run tactics. She happened to be temporarily working with Hector when their base was raided. She too was captured.

Val Chambers
Age 25
A self taught hacker. She hasn't met a computer she couldn't sneak into. She too had helped out Gregor in the past. When the turmoil of Earth erupted, she plotted to break her cohorts out of prison.

The Robot

Age 2
The second newest model of the Adaptable Response Robot. He was designed to be a personal service robot who could adapt to a variety of situations and tasks. He has a limited AI and sophisticated motor skills. He can make logical decisions while driving vehicles or operate machinery, detect threats, cook spaghetti, and engage in physical contact to protect others. He was found in the house the other characters took shelter in. His previous owner took their life. AR-BOT took a liking to the group and decided to travel with them.

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